The Village on Main has developed a comprehensive community-based plan that will facilitate and enhance the daily lives of a population with a growing proportion of elders. Age friendly communities recognize that elders and society in general benefit greatly when people of all ages and abilities can connect on a daily basis. The Village on Main is already considered a major health hub, with approximately 50 health and wellness facilities that are clustered in close proximity within the District. This is a huge asset for us to build on. The planning process brought the area’s business, non-profits and residential sectors together to address issues and develop community-based solutions which will help transform the District into a more compact and convenient suburban downtown…. a great place to be whether you’re 8 or 80!

Because of the work we have done in developing this Age Friendly Community Plan, we have been invited to speak at a number of conferences about how the AFCP engages the community. These conferences included; the SHIFT Conference at the School of Planning at Dalhousie University, the Ontario Business Improvement Association Annual Conference and the Downtowns Atlantic Canada Conference. Click on the presentation below to download.