Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting in June. We were very happy to see so many familiar faces and even happier with seeing all the new faces in the crowd! Thank you to everyone who provided their guidance, resources, knowledge, energies and their time to assisting us transform the Village on Main into a Complete Community!

Is This The Year?
This past year we reviewed the work we have done since our community’s property rules changed (2014) to accommodate growth. Our website ( various projects we have completed to stimulate growth and create awareness of our transformation. We discovered that since 2014 there has been activity with 22 properties in The Village on Main! This includes not only completed projects (3) but properties for sale, sold and activity behind the scenes. With all this activity we may not know exactly what will happen or when since we don’t own any property. However, it is reason enough for us to launch a new campaign called “Is This The Year?”