Are you interested in building a new residential or commercial building in the Village on Main, but don’t know where to start? Well you came to the right place!

As a Community Improvement District, part of our role is helping developers navigate the Main Street Designation which regulates what can and can’t be built in this area (as per the Dartmouth Municipal Planning Strategy and the Dartmouth Land Use Planning Bylaws). 

All properties in The Village on Main are approved for accelerated growth since our Land Use Bylaw changes in 2013. In summary of the new rules… Lakecrest Drive is now zoned for residential (orange); Main Street and Tacoma Drive can now permit residential space above commercial (red), and new rules allow some properties to have a residential look with the option of a small business (blue).  Some restrictions in place for all properties in The Village on Main include: no pawn shops and no adult entertainment.  The new rules only apply to new developments. All properties and businesses that currently exist in The Village on Main are grandfathered

Thanks to the zoning by-laws adopted in 2013, we’re shifting away from a car oriented, primarily commercial district to a dense mixed-use centre that puts people first. We’re creating a pedestrian-friendly and sustainable neighbourhood that enriches the lives of its residents, business owners, and visitors. Don’t be shy to call our complete community the “Downtown of the Suburbs.” We aren’t.

To further understand these bylaws, we have created a Developer’s Handbook. It is an interactive document meant to accomplish two things: 1. to inform developers of the opportunities and by-laws present within the Village on Main (also known as the Main Street Designation), and 2. to educate residents about the district and the expected transformations of the near and distant future.