Meet the owners of IronMatrix: Leanne McDow & Sonny Wilson. They are set up at 63 Tacoma Drive behind them in this photo.

Sonny and Leanne met about 3 years ago when Leanne decided to get certified in Sonny’s Muay Thai Kickboxing Group Instructor certification put on by his fitness business called PuncHIIT Fitness. At the time Sonny was managing group fitness programs at both Fitness FX and Rogue and immediately engaged Leanne to start teaching some kickboxing classes for him, as well as various other style classes in which Leanne was already experienced.

After a while, it just made sense that the two formed an alliance and business partnership to create two new fitness facilities under one umbrella called “IronMatrix”. So now they have the two facilities as IronMatrix.

Here’s what they told us about IronMatrix: IronMatrix offers a wide variety of group fitness classes, personal training services and specialty programs and workshops to meet all your health and fitness needs. They offer a full schedule of morning, lunchtime and evening group fitness classes as well as specialty programs such as mobility, kids’ programs, seniors’ fitness and more. They have created a warm and relaxing atmosphere to welcome clients of all fitness levels and abilities (hey, that fits in nicely with The Village On Main’s Age-Friendly Community Plan!). They offer a wide variety of services to assist their members in pursuing their own personal health and fitness goals. Their classes are taught by qualified instructors who want you to get the most out of your workout while enjoying a fun and energetic class. Whether your goal is to get or stay fit, learn a new skill, increase flexibility or mobility, relieve stress or just have fun with a group of friends, IronMatrix has something for everyone. They are passionate about health and fitness and want their members to feel comfortable in their facility.

Stop in to visit their facility, enjoy a complimentary fitness class and chat about your health and fitness goals. They also welcome your feedback and suggestions on their services and programs as it is their goal to enhance the lifestyles of all members of the community.

Drop by 63 Tacoma to see how they can help you to make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle or visit them on social media @IronMatrixx