In the Spring of 2022, we illuminated the mural with 60 LED lights that can be programmed to display any singular color or movement of colors. The lighting enhances the mural scenes and brings a greater sense of safety to the otherwise dark street. The already unique and spectacular daylight scenes have become an unsuspecting night time dazzle of images with the sensation of lighting.

The vibrant mural is a symbol of celebration, marking the first lifting of lockdown restrictions with a burst of color depicting various scenes representing our community (businesses, lakes, Dartmouth pride), our vision (residential, growth, welcoming, diversity) and symbolizing a tribute to Nova Scotian stories of 2020.


During the Summer of 2020, we commissioned local artist Lynda McConnell to design a concept for a mural that would transform a 440’ foot concrete wall along Tacoma Drive. The mural represents the new sense of energy in our community but it also adds colour to the Village on Main and enhances the pedestrian experience.

By creating a colourful and modern mural we have announced to our community that the Village on Main is undergoing an exciting transformation and is becoming an increasingly vibrant community in HRM.

Lynda’s design is so colourful and eye-catching, yet it captures the true sense of the Village on Main.