As a Business Improvement District (BID), The Village on Main is an association whose members are comprised of commercial property owners and tenants within a defined area that works in partnership with the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) to create thriving, competitive, and safe business areas that attract new businesses, customers and residents. By working cooperatively as a BID, we have the ability to be vehicles for civic improvements, enhancing the quality of life in our local community and the Municipality as a whole.

As a legal organization mandated by provincial legislation, BIDs are able to develop a budget for improvements and, through the HRM, collect a levy from businesses in the area to raise the necessary funds. The area includes Tacoma Drive, Lakecrest Ave and part of Main Street (from the NSCC campus to the parclo). 

BIDs can improve their local economies through activities such as:

Street and sidewalk maintenance and capital improvements

Promotion of the BID as a business, employment, tourist or shopping area (business directories, festivals, advertising, web site, social media)

Hosting community festivals and events

Beautification initiatives (banners, flower beds, murals)

Safety, security and crime prevention initiatives

Graffiti and poster removal services respecting building facades visible from the street

Strategic plans for business recruitment, market studies and capital improvements

Advocate on behalf of their membership as a unified voice

What BIDs Do Not Do…

– Build new developments (e.g. residential or commercial buildings)

– Approve new developments, rezoning applications, etc

– Approve planning and land use bylaw changes

As a BID we are not responsible for planning, development or infrastructure changes which do or do not occur in the Village on Main. This responsibility rests with HRM staff and council.