Over the years we have had some amazing students, interns, Co-op students and even volunteers join us for a short time to work with us. Each one of them jumped right in to their work and took ownership of any projects we asked them to complete. Or in some cases, because of their background identified projects that we didn't know they could do. Their work continues to amaze us, so we thought we would tell you a little bit about them, the work that they did for us and in many cases where they are now! They truly are our Super Heroes! To read their full profiles, just click on their profile pics.

Kira Norgren, Planning Student, 2022
Rachel Ferris, Community Design Student, 2022
Ben Ricketts, Planning & Development, 2021
Katie Fanning, Policy Advisor, 2021
Mary McGaffey, Planning & Development, 2021
Athieera Paatil, Commerce, 2021
Happy Smiles, Placemaking Team, 2021
James Coons, Planning & Development, 2020
Jacob Quinton, Planning & Development, 2020
Brianna Maxwell, Communications, 2020
Michael Hart, Planning & Development, 2019
Dana Baker, Communication, 2019
Sharon Moses, Festival & Events, 2019
Emilie Pothier, Planning & Engagement, 2018
Stephen McIntosh, Sustainability Officer, 2017
CID, Friend & Ambassador
Jesse Murray, Festival & Events, 2018
Margareta Boivin, Planning & Development, 2017
Andrew Scanlan Dickie, Planning Officer, 2016
Danielle Belanger, Communications, 2018
Brenden Lamb, Community Design Intern, 2017
Molly Fredeen, Communications Officer, 2016
Karen Brake, GIS Consultant
Paul Dec, Urban Planning Consultant, 2015
Ross Grant, Planning Officer, 2015