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In The Community


During the Summer of 2020, we commissioned local artist Lynda McConnell to design a concept for a mural that would transform a 440’ foot concrete wall along Tacoma Drive. The vibrant mural is a symbol of celebration, with bursts of color depicting various scenes representing our community (businesses, lakes, Dartmouth pride), our vision (residential, growth, welcoming, diversity) and symbolizing a tribute to Nova Scotian stories of 2020.

The mural represents the new sense of energy in our community but it also adds colour to the Village on Main and enhances the pedestrian experience. By creating a colourful and modern mural we have announced that the Village on Main is becoming an increasingly vibrant community in HRM.

In the Spring of 2022, we illuminated the mural with LED lights that can be programmed to display any singular color or movement of colors. The lighting enhances the mural scenes and brings a greater sense of safety to the otherwise dark street. The already unique and spectacular daylight scenes have become an unsuspected nighttime dazzle of images with the sensation of lighting.

We have also transformed boring public infrastructure with paintings that have made them fun and whimsical! A power box turned into a dresser, complete with a cat, a traffic box turned into an aquarium, another box became an accordion and some concrete poles have become a series of crayons!

Jessica’s Park

The small garden park at the corner of Tacoma-Veterans Ave. and Valleyfield Dr. was created in memory of Jessica MacNutt, who passed away in 2019. Jessica was a young vibrant entrepreneur who owned GroPro, one of the first grocery delivery businesses in the Halifax area. She was also an engaged board member of the Village On Main. The pear tree was planted to honour Jessica and her colorful perspective she brought to our community. At the base of the tree are stones that family and friends have painted in Jessica’s memory.

Hartlen Street Extension

In 2021, The Village on Main, working with the Halifax Regional Municipality is continuing the transformation of the Main Street area into a Complete Community. As part of the long-term vision for the area, Hartlen Street has been extended to connect Main Street with Lakecrest Drive to create a more walkable and vibrant neighbourhood. This temporary walking path and green space will remain in place for the next few years while a permanent multi-use street is designed. Stay tuned for opportunities to share your ideas for this space!

Popup Patio

Since the summer of 2020, the Village on Main has installed a Pop-up Patio in the area. When it was first installed, we were still dealing with COVID_19 restrictions, so the initial reasoning for the Popup Patio was to give people an additional option to enjoy a coffee, a meal or just sit and take a break outside. It proved to be very popular that first summer so we have continued to bring it back each summer. You can find it at the corner of Tacoma Drive, and Gordon Avenue.

Pedestrian Pedway

With permission from the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Province of Nova Scotia, and with funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), we made cosmetic improvements to the pedestrian pedway that connects the residents of Manor Park to The Village on Main. We painted the handrails, installed lighting, a webcam, security mirror, and artwork of fun emojis to create a more pleasant experience for pedestrians. We also arranged for concrete repairs to enhance safety and tree trimming to improve lighting. The improvements were done to encourage pedestrian access from the residential community to our business district.

Bike Fix It Station

The Bike Fix-It Station located at the corner of Main and Helene was installed in 2016 from a successful application to the Municipal Councillor Capital Improvement Fund. According to the Halifax Cycling Coalition, it was the 16th Bike Fix It Station to be installed in HRM. It is equipped with all the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs.

Website Fix It Station
Website Development

Interactive Guide & Map for Housing & Development

All properties in The Village on Main are approved for accelerated growth since our Land Use Bylaw changes in 2013. In summary of the new rules… Lakecrest Drive is now zoned for residential; Main Street and Tacoma Drive can now permit residential space above commercial, and new rules allow some properties to have a residential look with the option of a small business. Some restrictions in place for all properties in The Village on Main include: no pawn shops and no adult entertainment. The new rules only apply to new developments. All properties and businesses that currently exist in The Village on Main are grandfathered.

We have created an Interactive Guide & Map for Housing & Development. This interactive tool meant to accomplish two things: 1. to inform developers of the opportunities and by-laws present within the Village on Main (also known as the Main Street Designation), and 2. to educate residents about the district and the expected transformations of the near and distant future.

With the city’s Suburban Plan soon underway and the recent (2024) federal Housing Accelerator Fund, Halifax council is currently reviewing recommendations for growth that will impact some of the rules for properties in the Village on Main. Stay tuned or contact us for updates!

To track some of the changes that have taken place in The Village on Main over the years, we have created a VOM Development Activity Map that shows the some of properties that have had the following happen:

  • Development Activity
  • Sale Activity
  • Sale & Development Activity